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Church on fire!

No, not that sort of fire, the sort of fire that burns things!!
A man ranting about "the blood" burst into a church sanctuary during a service, sloshed fuel onto people and started a fire, police and church officials said Thursday.
Some parishioners were able to smother the flames with their coats while another group tackled the man, said the Rev. Scott Erickson, pastor of the Peoples Church. Two older women from the congregation were burned when their clothing caught fire.
In fact the church website reports that they had 2nd and 3rd degree burns.
This is the sort of fire we can do without in a church.
Lets hope the psychiatrically disturbed arsonist gets the help he needs

Criticism of churches and other Christians

Recently a couple of well known bloggers have been asking the question about critiquing the church. I sometimes feel like I am hijacking their threads, so rather than do that, here are some of my thoughts. They are not meant to be a reflection on those guys, who I have the utmost respect for and count as friends.

Humbleness is the quickest way to get close to God, pride/self righteousness is the quickest way to get closer to the other guy.

God has given us incredible grace, freely give as it has been given to us

Dont throw out the good with the bad. For instance Hillsong has it problems, think them up yourself, but it has also had an incredibly positive effect on contemporary church, in helping us to work together, be relevant etc.
When critiquing, remember what they are doing that is really good

Ask yourself the queston, do I need to get a life? In other words am I worrying about what such and such is doing while my neighbour is going to a Christless eternity. Is it worth your time, the time God has given us? Try this exercise. Google some well known Christian leader. Find out how many people are wasting time energy and probably money that could be better spent trying to help someone find Christ.

If you are going to critique, have the courage and integrity to do what Jesus did and told us to do. Go to the person and speak to them face and face. The internet has become a wondeful tool in the hands of gutless wonders.


We waz robbed, its official.

"WORLD soccer boss Sepp Blatter has offered Australian fans an apology and said the Socceroos should have gone through to the World Cup quarter-finals instead of Italy."

Someone needs to sack Spanish referee Luis Medina Cantalejo.

Spring Fair 2006

What a beautiful day.
Over 200 people came and had a great time with their kids.
Games, animals, cold drinks, white elephant stuff and heaps of other funs things.
A great showbag with all different parenting hints and courses also given to the parents.

Well organised, well done everyone!!!!!!!!

2007 Year of the Docker Post Two

Can you imagine a forward line with
Pavlich, Tarrant, Farmer, Ryan Murphy
Then Longmuir and Sandilands dropping back when needed?

Seriously who is going to get the oppositions best defender??
Can you imagine being a 2nd or third string defender are finding yourself up against Tarrant??

Spring Fair Tommorow

If you are interested and in the area, we are having our annual spring fair tommorow. Cafe, bric a brac, items for sale, games for kids, sausage sizzle, music, items etc
Will be a blast, and even the weather seems to have come good for us!

See you there, come up and say hello.

Listen here!! Emotional Baggage

If you are interested, my final message on Emotional Baggage, part three, can now be listened to or downloaded.

go here

and choose your format

or just right click the below link and "save Target as"

The file is 26 megs big, for those of you with dial up.

For those Pastors out there, soon I will post on Aussie Pastors Blogspot how to do this.
As we develop our church website, we will post the messages on there every week.
But in the meantime, I will post them here.

2007 The year of the Dockers

Following on from their best season ever, the Fremantle Dockers look to have a great start to their 2007 campaign. The AFL today released the 2007 fixtures which see the Dockers first three games against teams they easily disposed of last year. Port Adelaide, who they beat twice, including a decisive victory at Aami Stadium, Essendon and last years premiers, West Coast, who they thrashed in the last derby of 2006.
Unlike last year, the Dockers do not have to travel to Tasmania. That dubious honour is given to West Coast who have to face up to Hawthorn at Aurora Stadium.
Fremantle will play 5 games in Victoria, the least of any Afl side, but will have to travel to Adelaide twice, Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin. Someone in AFL House must have listened to CEO Cameron Schwab's call from last year, as the Dockers only have to twice deal with six day breaks between matches.

Got my membership in the mail the other day, can't wait!!

You are my sunshine

Daylight saving in Western Australia is a step closer to reality.
The Labor and Liberal parties have agreed to a free vote on the issue.
It is understood Labor MPs have voted in favour of a three year trial, starting on December 1 this year. The trial would be followed by a referendum.

YES! And not before time,

faded curtains here we come :)

Seriously though, great news for an evening person like me.


Starting a new series in a fortnight on the back off our Annual Spring Fair

Bit nervous about this one.

Hardly an expert, will need to do some serious research and prayer.

Forget research and analysis, its time to lead

I have been watching a very interesting and insightful video by the author of the very succesful book, "The Tipping Point".

In this groundbreaking book, the author details what makes great service in a company.
In the video he makes the assertion, and backs it up with real stories, that asking people what they want is the last thing a succesful business should do. For example if you ask someone what sort of coffee they like, they would probably say something like, "I want a dark rich roasted coffee". However most people actually want a milky sweet weak coffee. Thats the truth!

He talked about the most spaghetti sauce manufacturer in the USA. He found out that while people said they wanted an authentic Italian Tomatoe sauce for the Spag Bog, they in fact wanted a chunky sauce, totally inauthentic (like their favourite pizzas, which have little relation to real Italian Pizza).

Its like Chinese. Friends who have been to China say that real authentic Chinese food is a definete "aquired" taste. Yet ask someone what they want, and they will say, I would want to eat authentic chinese food.

What relation does this have to the church and leading?
NCLS have this statement on their website, "As many as half of Australia's church-goers also thank Mum for the positive influence on them becoming a Christian, at least within Anglican and Protestant congregations. While important, fathers are less influential in faith development."


They are dead wrong.

There is a lot more I could say about this. Their conclusions are since mums generally lead their children to Christ, they are more important. CRAP
The reason more mums are leading their kids to Christ is that more mums are Christians.

The single most important thing we as churches have to do to get our churches, our families and our churches back on spiritual track is see dads come to faith in Christ.

We have to lead, not be lead by what is.

Aussie Pastors Blog

A Few friends and myself have started a blog specifically for Aussie Pastors.

check it out

Hey Charger! Valiant men!

Tonights Valiant Man course was great! We had a good group of blokes turn up, including one from our Toddler Jam Ministry. Next week there are three more coming as well, which will mean we have two decent size small groups of about 6/7 each.

Allan Meyer was challenging, interesting and made you want to sign up and come back for more. We had to sign forms which were like a covenant, good stuff actually, set the boundaries for good and healthy, and open group discussion.

The Ginger Beer was recieved well too.
Everyone seems to like the product from Bundaberg.


"Preaching is a lot like singing.
You may sound great by yourself in the shower (or in your head),
but it may not be so great outside the shower (or outside your head)"

(Tony Liston)

Thanks God

Why does it seem that sometimes when we really start to pray for something, everything goes pear shaped?

It seems to me that when we focus our prayers and thoughts on a particular issue, be it someone we are concerned about, our family, our businesss, whatever, almost automatically things in that area get harder.

My theory is that we have brought that issue into the arena of the spiritual. I use the word "arena" because it is a battle. Suddenly whatever we are praying about becomes an issue, whereas before, maybe, it was flying under the radar. Either way the truth is that as a Christian, trying to do the right thing, and seeking God's will, is not always, or even often, the easy road. Its not. And it is tough sometimes, really tough.

But ultimately life without real spiritual purpose is boring and safe. And I dont want a boring life.

Chris of Fremantle


Something drastic has happened.

I can't drink instant coffee anymore.

I was over a good friends house the other day and they offered me some Mocconna. Expensive coffee, well made by my friend. I drank it.

But I can't drink it anymore. Instant coffee is not coffee, its brown soup.

I need to go brew myself a latte. Melinda recently bought me a grinding machine so I am grinding my own beans now. MMMMM. Strong latte, made with fresh full strength milk.

Thats coffee.

So long, and thanks for all the goals

Markedly is in mourning. GHD, Goal Hungry Dwarf, Paul Medhurst is gooorrrn.

Paul was a great source of joy to Freo supporters. I remember one incident when playing Collingwood (ironically) when Paul was in the middle of four of the Pies best defenders right in the goal square. With a subtle and skilful bump, Paul pushed aside the defenders, and calmy marked a beauty, before converting.

When Paul was on song, he kicked them from everywhere. He played on confidence, and when confident, never missed. I have seen him snap a goal while turning on a dime from 60 metres out. I have been about 2 metres from him when he kicked one 55 metres out from the boundary line.

This year he has struggled, even at WAFL level.

We won 9 games in a row without him playing.

Hello to Chris Tarrant. Look forward to your skills and kicking us onto a premiership in 2007.

If he plays well for us, and helps us, it will have been worth it.
Otherwise I can sense a Croad like feel about this trade.

"Trade week's first mega deal has taken place, with Graham Polak now a Tiger, Chris Tarrant a Docker and Paul Medhurst a Magpie.Under the complex deal, Polak joins the Tigers on a three-year deal from Fremantle for a swap of first-round picks, with the Dockers getting Richmond's pick no.8 and the Tigers getting the Dockers' pick 13.The Tigers also gave up their third round pick to the Dockers, pick 42 overall, but in return got the Dockers fourth round pick, no.63.The Dockers then on-traded pick eight to Collingwood for their five-tie leading goalkicker, while goalsneak Medhurst was also traded to the Magpies as part of the package.And to complete the complicated trade, the Magpies and Tigers swapped fourth round picks, with the Tigers getting the Magpies' pick 60 while Collingwood got Richmond's pick 63, which the Tigers initially got from Fremantle"

Experiencing God

"We think if we can disperse adequate information, people will be convinced that Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life, and turn to him. Those methods don't work any longer. I'm not sure they ever did. People aren't looking for information about God. They want to experience God, himself. Information leaves them bored, uninterested. Experience, especially the ultimate experience any human being can ever have, leaves them breathless. And that's exactly what we have to offer."

Mark Tabb, Mission to Oz


Here is a blog for Christian multi media by some guys from Parkerville Bapo's.
Some good stuff and helpul stuff here.

(Apart from their use of media shout :) )

Digtial Church
"Share our journey as we explore digital technology for church and worship, in Perth, Western Australia"

Australind Baptist Church Launches Contemporary Worship Album

To stay or go

Having an online discussion with a Pastor from an overseas church.
His board have witheld his salary after months of squabbling, despite the church overwhelmingly supporting him and his call.

The board have the constitutional power, and yet he believes he needs to stick it out. Other people think he should give up and start new church somewhere else.
Are there any principles about staying and persevering, or cutting your losses and moving on?

I am a pretty 'stubborn' person, and I dont think we should let people do what is wrong, just because they think they can, and have always done. Negative caustic behaviour needs to be addressed.

Speaking personally, if my family started to suffer unduly, I would be gone. They come first. But apart from that, I reckon sticking it out will eventually bring rewards.

Leroy Jetta and the draft

I dont know much about the players about to try their luck in the AFL draft, but I hope Freo pick up Leroy Jetta. From what I read in the Sunday Times today, the kid has the right attitude.

"I would like to stay in Perth if I got drafted by the Dockers, I hate the Eagles"

now there is a young man with his head screwed on right!!!

Johnny Cash, "Hurt" and baggage

Great Sunday this week, with our focus on "baggage". This week we spent quite bit of time on personal reflection. I am hoping that folk who may never have really thought or done this type of thing before, may start.

Life Coaches, CEO's, effective leaders all tell us something the Bible has always said, there are times in our lives when we need to stop and meditate. Not empty our minds, but allow the Holy Spirit to fill it. Allow God to deal with us, not the guy next door, not our spouse, but us.

I showed the Johnny Cash video "Hurt". Talk about powerful! Johnny sings the Nine Inch Nails song with passion and conviction. I dare say he did far better with it than the original writer, Trent, who said, "that song is no longer mine". The video hows Johnny Cash close to death and reflecting with regret on "his kingdom made of dirt". He regrets the choices he made, the people he hurt, the life he led, in fact he regrets, and this is the most important thing, the person he is.

God can change that, and give hope to us, not only for our lives but also for who we are, He can change us.


We have all got it,

stuff, hurts, fears, addictions,

history that binds us and causes us to be less than who God intended us to be

LIVE the good life.

Deal with it.

Idle Confessions

Okay, I confess, I watch Australian Idol.

Every Sunday my wife loves it, and I have got sucked in, the drama, the anger at Mark Holden's dribble. Marcia being sickeningly nice.

Is it just me, or is the quality of this years singers far better than years gone by?

Here is my rundown on the contestants left after Youth Alive singer and committed Christian "Mutto" was voted out (TAB odds follow)

Dean Geyer - Pretty boy, not a great singer, but makes good choices in regard to song selection. 15 year old girls who actually vote might get him over the line.

Damien Leith - Great singer

Jessica Mauboy - Great voice, not the best perfomer, but likeable

Bobby Flynn - Unique artist, judges love him. I like him too, but I probably would not buy his album. I think he will win, and be a worthy winner.

Lisa Mitchell - Waif like folk singer, talented, young, niave, cant see her winning

Chris Murphy - Excellent performer. Wont win, not pretty enough, but by far my favourite contender and a considerably better singer and performer than his brother

Lavina Williams - Good singer, don't really connect with her, and can't see her making it much further

Ricky Muscat - Will survive for a little longer on 15 year old girl vote

For KM

Someone told me I was being too nice about the Weagles winning the GF, too concilitory.

So as not to dissapoint anyone who prefers the "chip on the shoulder Mark", I present this picture which Nathan Jarvis, Dockerland regular and author, produced.

Spring Fair

Here is the flyer I have done up for our spring fair.
This annual event is well organised and a big event on our church calender. Probably the biggest thing we do and the most strategic in 'gathering' in all the people who come to our various community programs.

Valiant Man

We are running this Careforce Recovery program in October. Allan Myer is a straight talking bloke who speaks really well to Aussie Blokes.
Should be great fun.

One Point

that's the footy season over.
I copped some well deserved ribbing this morning at church, and managed to weave the GF into my children's talk at church.

Well done weagles, after the dissapointment of losing both derbies this year, it was good to see them win something.

Worsfold, to his credit, coached well, probably outcoached Roo's, with some creative and quick moves.

Barry Hall had a shocker, and probably was one of the reasons they lost, but Kerr and Embley played out of their skin.

Roll on 2007.
Brett Peake for Brownlow, Freo for Premiers.