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Pastors Kids

Doing a Google search tonight...
As I typed in "Pastors" guess what was the most popular word to come up after 'Pastors" in the Google search box? 'Kids"

What does this say? The topic of what Pastors Kids are like...going to have to deal huge.


Lets hope and pray for Pastors Kids....
By reputation alone...there is more than enough to have to pray about.

You are my Sunbeam!

My wife totally suprised me this morning. I asked for a Sunbeam Coffee Grinder. It is a Sunbeam EM480. It really does make the difference between a good coffee and a great coffee. She bought me that...which was just perfect.

Then Melinda asked me to take out all her books to her car and put them in the boot...which I did. I opened the boot up and found a Sunbeam dream coffee machine...


Derby here we come

Considering neither side is likely to play finals this year, this weeks game might be the closest we get to a finals like atmosphere.

I have felt reasonably confident going into most derbies of the past few years, with justification. The Eagles supporters have mostly gone home at 3/4 order to 'miss the traffic'. But we all know its cause they still can't accept a loss.

This Derby does feel a little different. 8 of our most seasoned campaigners...gone. Mc Manus, both Carrs and Bellie....Derby specialists....not there.
Replaced instead by 4 first year players, and maybe this week, another one.

With no one to make Kerr and Woosha complain to the umpires department for the fourth week in a row, the Eagles might actually prove too strong.

Then again, after Pav's scintilating perfomance last week...and the fact its his
200th... anything is possible.

Angus Buchan Hoax

There have been some unconfirmed rumours floating around the net regarding Angus.
He is not in hospital...nor has he had a stroke...
He preached at the final session of MMC and is reportedly well.

Pavlich sticks it to Lyon

My latest article in the Roar...
"Following a week where Gary Lyon called for Fremantle to trade Matthew Pavlich, the captain of the beleaguered club chose to answer his critics with a dominant display against the Sydney Swans"


Things are happening...

At church.
Its getting bigger.
I feel like I am on a wave that I can't control, and can't enable.
I feel a little overwhelmed.
I like it. But it is darned uncomfortable.

I think I need to concentrate on my preaching. Will you pray for me?

Update on Angus

He is okay! Praise God....250,000 men came!
(Received via text)

“Angus came good last night. He is OK. Doctor on site said he was having a heart attack. Cardiologist did further tests and said he is OK.”

“He is tired. While he lay waiting to be choppered out 250,000 men prayed and worshipped, people all over the world were also praying. We believe God miraculously healed him”

God Bless

Peter Goosen

(at Shalom)

Angus Buchan Heart Attack

Hi all,
please pray for Angus Buchan.....
Just received word from Peter Goosen that Angus fainted after the last session, while praying with the Aussie Guys present. He was checked out by a Doctor and found to be OK, another check shortly after found that his blood pressure had dropped.

He was taken by Helicopter to Pietermaritzburg ICU where he is under going further tests. Doctors suspect it may be heat exhaustion or could be the preliminary sights of cardiac arrest. Andy has stayed back to hold the fort and Fergus and Jill are with Angus. Angus is keen to get back and do the next session.

Please pray for Angus’ health and the Lords continual protection over the event. We need to be mindful that there is major be spiritual opposition to an event where over 200,000 men are meeting together to hear from God

Craig Groeschel on Fox....

If you have not heard of 'Life Church'...why not?
This church gives away all their multi-media....and it is good stuff. Excellent productions values, great thematic useable materials.
Others church could do this, this church does!
This is a great interview with a truly Kingdom minded Pastor.

Angus Buchan South Africa '09

One of the blokes from our church has arrived in South Africa...with reports of Gods favour being evident there already....

This from someone on the inside..."Reports I received yesterday suggested that numbers may exceed the predicted 200,000. Registrations had been coming in at 1 person every 15 seconds but the registration system has now crashed with the high volume of people wishing to attend. "

Here is a photo of the grounds so far...
....wish I was there!


The most influential Church in the world...

Has to be Hillsong Church

There are many great preachers in the world, with great books, dvd's and influence, with some best sellers amongst them. Rick Warren probably the most influential.

There have been many evangelists, who have seen thousands, maybe millions come to know Jesus through their ministry, probably chief amongst them Billy Graham.

But Hillsong songs will be sung all over the world this week, their ministry has brought churches together in conferences all over the world.
The artist versus the preacher.....
Great art stands the test of time, be it music, sculpture, paint.....
The art needs to be motivated, undergirded, inspired by something....

With great privilege comes great responsibility...and I think "Shout to the Lord" is a classic explanation and exploration of the love of God for us...and our response to that love. I dare say it takes its place alongside, "How great Thou Art" and other classics.

Anzac Day Last Post Video

This week at church we have as a our special guest Clive Carrol.
Clive was my old Sunday School teacher when I was 11.
We never knew that he carried burdens and memories from his time in Vietnam.
This week, 27 years later, I will hear some of his story.
This is a video I have made up to introduce a minutes silence.

Download it here
Let me know how you use it.

Media Beat up on Dockers again

Seriously.....this is an unbelievable beat up.
Malaxos said this... that the young Dockers were playing a prank with 'sort of Ku Klux' costumes...
now we all know this...
Dockers prank taken out of context

what a beat up!!
Here is the photo...
no Ku klux costumes there...

Can Freo fans take this anymore?

My latest article in "The Roar"

During the 2006 season, Fremantle fans had reason to think that their club had come of age. Towards the end of the season, the club won nine games in a row and stormed into the finals.......


The Cat arrives.......

As is the pictures of the new addition to the Edwards family....'Queenie'
Queen Victoria Edwards.....
Number one daughter has wanted a cat for about 3 years....since she could talk we finally relented...and here she is... a 'Ragdoll'

Dockers...aaargh x 2

Docker Dave has just about nailed my feelings here...

" i know we're in a rebuilding phase and i accept we're going to lose more than we win but i still expect some sort of competitive effort. the blokes who've now been around for 4 years or more need to be doing a lot more than they are instead of expecting the few really senior players to carry the side"


Great day....but sad...

Another big crowd in today at to think about how we are going to change as we grow.

Sad to say goodbye to our former associate pastor Colin Craggs...and his wife....
they have been so valuable and wonderful to get to know and minister with.
But it was great to raise some money, pray and annoint them...and send them off as apostles...sent ones....cant wait to see what God does through them....

Looking forward to next our Anzac Day Church service, cant wait to hear what my old sunday school teacher has to say.

Free worship Loops

New Worship Media has some nice ... free .... worship loops here

Anzac Day Church Service

This should be great. Clive Carroll was my sunday school teacher when I was 11 years old. Back then we had no idea about any of this. Will be a revealing and poignant service on what is secular Australia's most spiritual day. More...

Should be a great weekend.....apart from....

It should start off well....daughters 'cat' party on Saturday morning, followed by a mates has been a long time coming.

I will recieve updates via gprs on the game (Dockers verses Saints) at the reception....but that is where the fun will probably stop. Cant see us getting within 40 points of the Saints...but you never know. Two teams enter the field.

Sunday will be sad and good as well. Craggs last posted about here before...

Then off to Mandurah to pick up a new addition to the Edward's household...she has been asking for one for a long time, and we have finally to be posted here on Monday.

Craggs last Sunday

When we started this whole adventure of merging two churches, one of the key issues was leadership. This was actually solved rather rapidly when Pastor Colin decided that his call was to plant churches and resource leaders in India with CRM ministries.

It has been an absolute joy, and an unexpected strength to work with Colin these past 8 or 9 months. It will be tough to say goodbye, a large part of me wishes that he could stay on. But God has called Craggs family to another nation.

What a joy it will be to hear and see what God does through them. I think Colin is gifted for this type of ministry, teaching, coaching, discipling, enabling others to plant churches. He will be a great resource for them. Their gain, is our loss.

If you know Colin and Carolyn, and are at a loose end on Sunday, it would be great to come and wish them well.

Its not what you eat that defiles you....

but what comes out of your heart....Jesus (Mark 7.15)

Continuing my reading from the gospel of Mark.

So much of what we consider to be 'wrong' is not 'wrong' but tradition.
The Pharisees has built up all these religious rules and regulations.
The Puritans did the same.

With freedom and grace comes responsibility, to our fellow Christians, and to those on a journey.
But either way, I know that I often judge and am restricted by my upbringing...and can be quick to judge, or even dissalow myself from things, which have nothing to do with Christianity, and far more to do with my religion.

I don't want to 'shove' my freedom in anyones face, but I also don't want to judge myself and others...when God is not judging me.



I think this inglorious start to the season, with the fired up and skilfull St Kilda (away game) next week....pretty much spells the end of our season 2009.

Barring a miracle comeback.....thats it for us this year.

Sundays effort was actually commendable in one sense. After the second quarter, I gave us no hope. To claw back in front during the fourth quarter was a good gusty effort. The Dockers did not give well done.

But....if someone does not teach them how to kick straight, and quickly, thats it.

Youngs Double Chocolate Stout

My wife knows me Bunny with chocolate ears for me bought from Red Dot....

this is what I am enjoying tonight...
It is smooth, rich, obviously with chocolatey undertones, but unmistakably a Stout.
Right now, along with some Lindt Chocolate, it is making my evening very enjoyable. (Link)

What a day...

Melinda and I looked at each other and sighed a big tired sigh today.
We are both emotionally and physically stuffed after an incredible Easter Weekend.
At Inglewood Church we had two huge crowds in....Sunday was even more packed than Friday...but Friday was a big service.

What was sooooo good was that we had friends, Jam Central parents, contacts, relatives...people we care about church...remembering Jesus...many of whom have not found themselves in church for many years...if ever.

I chose to really step up to the plate for the services, and just put the message out there.
Friday I was particularly passionate about Jesus not being some namby pamby wimp....but a tough warrior, who went to fight....and took far more than any Hollywood action hero ever did...on His quest to save the world.

Sunday I focused on why we have nothing to fear an Atheist publicity campaign...because we have the truth...but what we do need to focus on is where we will spend eternity.
A very talented singer at our church, and the very talented Eliot just absolutely brought the message home with the U2 Song...'where the streets have no name". I shared with the crowd this songs deeper application, and asked them to ask the obvious question, where are they going to spend eternity. I dont apologise for a confrontantional message on such a know...some of these people may not hear the gospel...or see it in someones life for years...if ever. I want them to know the truth. Dont get me wrong, there is a real balance between not being some 'fire and brimstone' fundamentalist loony....or being some limp wristed liberal....

If I offend anyone...I want it to be for good reason...because in their heart they know they need to respond to indeed, we all do.

Blessings to all who read this blog..I have you had an awesome, enjoyable and great Easter Time...and enjoyed spending time with those you love.

back to reality eagles fans

and that is all I have to say about that!

Good Friday Service at Inglewood

Today we had a great service...for many reasons.

The Choir did an awesome rendition of "Pride, in the name of love"
Tracey did a fantastic closing song about how we need to choose Jesus
It was moving, inspiring, time to meditate and contemplate....

We had a huuuuge crowd in...which is fantastic, but more than that, some people who we have been praying for..for a long time...came along, and enjoyed it.

The worship team really led us so well in worship, so professional yet warm.

Channel Nine you bunch of hypocrites!

(Adult Themes Below)

If you have not caught the news, some North Melbourne players have made a strange, sexist video involving a rubber chicken with a condom on its head.

I dont watch the Footy Show anymore....and I certainly did not watch it last night when the 'Gruen Transfer' is on.....but..I did catch the interview with the North Melbourne Captain and player...Pratt....

They had them on them to 'explain themselves' say sorry...etc.

What a crock...Channel Nine had them on their to boost their ratings. They 'told them off' and then PROCEEDED TO SHOW THE VIDEO!!! To the crowds laughter. There is also a full copy of the video online at Channel Nines newsite...despite it being removed by YouTube.

What a joke.

They cannot be can you decry it (which is fair is juveline sexist rubbish)...but then proceed to boost your ratings on the back of it?


Easter Sunday Message Rebel Jesus

Probably my favourite band in all the world is U2…and they have wrote a song called, ‘The streets have no name’ from their album..the Joshua Tree…now although there were 11 tracks on the album…this song took up 40% of the time to produce it…and Bono wrote it because when he lived in Belfast…you could tell how much money someone had….whether they were catholic or protestant…what sort of person they were by what their street name was….he looks forward to a place and a time where the streets have no name…where there is peace…where the sun shines…where there is no pain or death….where the streets have no name…

Likewise with the Good Friday Message.....the rest will be revealed on Easter Sunday....

Good Friday Message Rebel Jesus

"We have just read how the priests and religious leaders of the day..the Pharisees, came with a contingent of Roman soldiers and temple guards to accompany Judas to find Jesus.
Why was it that Judas felt the need to be accompanied by a contingent of soliers….? A contingent was about 800 soliders…but it was problaby a section of these…about 12 soliders…plus the guards from the temple…why so many people to take into custody one carpenter from Nazereth.
Judas was fact I think they we all scared…Jesus was there…where He had been often with His disciples..including Judas…They had spent a lot of time relaxing under the shade of the olive trees…enjoying each others company as blokes, eating, drinking laughing….Now Judas comes to betray His mate for 30 pieces of silver…which was a lot of money in those days…and He is scared.
But Jesus knew what was going to happen to Him…and so He is the first to ask the obvious question…who are you looking for…He knows the answer to this question, He knew they were looking for Him….yet still He wants them to know who they are looking for…Jesus the Nazarene they ask…..."

if you want to know the rest....I will see you in Church...9am at the Inglewood Civic Centre....or back at this blog on Tuesday....

stupid hayfever

I am suffering from dumb hayfever at the really bites....sneezing, itchy...wont stop.
Its always worse when I dont get enough really suck!!!!

Easter Video Resources Free

Here are some links to the various Easter Resources I have made up...the last two years...feel free to use them...let me know if you do!

Download here

You can download it here

You can download it here,



Quaffable Quote

"...the man who really counts in the world is the doer, not the mere critic - the man who actually does the work, even if roughly and imperfectly, not the man who only talks or writes about how it ought to be done." ~ Theodore Roosevelt

Difficult day....

Had some difficult things to say this morning, needed to say something, said it, glad I said it...but it was difficult.

Looking forward to Easter services...they are going to go off!!!!!!

The story behind "God of this City"

Louie Giglio tells the story of this song, originally written by Irish Worship Band "Bluetree" and probably fair to say brought to the Church's attention through Chris Tomlin.
This is an amazing...inspiring...supernatural story.

Inglewood Church

Things are so blessed at the moment...thankful to God for our is a ripper place to be at the moment.

Albany in the '80's Rick Cua

When I first became a Christian...about the age of 18....I was often found speeding around in my Mazda Rx4...and my $1000 stereo..listening to this....

Palm Sunday Video

Here is a video I have made up to try and convey something of what happened on Palm Sunday...and to lead into my message.....

Download here
(please let me know if you find it helpful and use it)

What is wrong with this photo?

The only thing wrong with this photo is the fact that the coffee has been consumed...and one of Ristretto's finest is never enough.
A good friend is the barrista there, so after some work in the CBD I grabbed a flat white on the way back to the car. This coffee is superb. Perfect temperature, texture and taste. Good to the last drop.

Only problem is that when the afternoon need for a coffee moves me from my desk, I have to make myself one, and it wont be as good as the one I have just had!