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James 5

Really really enjoyed looking through the book of James this past month.
Comes to the end this week as we look at James 5.
"James wants them to understand that their own life is not theirs to take. God holds their life in His hands...remember last week we spoke about our life being a mist? Ultimately life and death decisions are not ours...we are human, we are finite, and one day our time will come. But that is not ours to determine. And you know what, as Christians the responsibility and authority for our lives, we have given that to God, we submit to His will for our life!
This does take patience, something James implores us to have. remember James was Jesus brother. he had to learn patience eh? Grew up with Jesus, wondered what was happening with this strange unusual older brother he had, finally believed, and now he had to wait for Jesus to return. He knows about patience. Lord give me patience and give it to me now!
He uses the real friendly greeting, brothers, sisters.
James does not ignore their problem, or misunderstand their situation. in a few years time Paul the apostle has to plead with other churches to send financial assistance to the Jerusalem church because its members were starving, literally. where is God there?
we all have issues, we all have problems, but not having enough food to eat is probably up there...and why is not God helping with that, patience with God develops trust and faith.
focus on the big picture, take a long view...look forward to the Lords coming. "

Western Derby

Bookies have Freo as favourites.
I am not so sure.
Two months ago we (Dockers) would have smashed em.
But now, we have 9 of our best out of the 22.

West Coast Coach John 'denial' Woosha has stated that this game means far more than a normal one. In fact some might suggest this is the Eagles "Grand Final" this year.

With a lot of Freo players out, a lot of players tired....

If ever West Coast are in with a chance, it is this derby.

Cold Chisel - Flame Trees (1984)

One of their best....

James 4

Spoke on James 4 on Sunday.
I think this is the verse that sheds light on the chapter.
"14 Why, you do not even know what will happen tomorrow. What is your life? You are a mist that appears for a little while and then vanishes.
You don't know the first thing about tomorrow. You're nothing but a wisp of fog, catching a brief bit of sun before disappearing."

You know that concept, puts everything in this passage into perspective. Perhaps everything in life!
What James is saying here, and it follows on from chapter three...our contentment should not be based on our circumstances. But the truth is, if we are honest, and if I am honest or frank....contentment for many of us so dependent on our circumstances, someone said to me the other day, "Just when I declare my state of happiness a figurative pigeon drops one on my shoulder"

You know it might be quite depressing to think of your life as just a vapour, like mist, quickly forgotten.
Don't be depressed...because God actually brings meaning to this mist of a life. and that has been the whole point. when we weigh up this life, without God, it is a mist, nothing. with God, it is the importance he places on us, which gives this life meaning.

Its not that God does not want us to make plans, and be wise...and think about our futures...
but the important aspect is to recognise God in the midst of those plans. If the Lord wills it, as the message puts it, Instead, make it a habit to say, "If the Master wills it and we're still alive, we'll do this or that."
I have to say, I am amazed at how many christians make massive life altering plans and dont even acknowledge God in any way. Acknowledge God, and He will direct your paths.


Sigh....butter would not melt...

Originally uploaded by Jeff and Rebecca Murray

Some excellent Free Worship Loops

These are seriously good...and free

Under Free section some wonderful, creative and contemporary loops.

This election will be about Twitter

"But I am not on Twitter"
Does not matter.
Both leaders are...and they are using Twitter as a direct way to get information out the way they want.
The media can only really report what they said..the 140 character quote.

The Leadership challenge of Gillard was broken by Twitter...and information on it came quick and fast through Twitter. The information spread of it is concise and comprehensive at the same time. What I mean is that there are so many 'citizen journalists' monitoring far more media outlets that one person could...but you can monitor Twitter.

It is a central, real time source of information.

Want to know what is happening, and how it is happening in #ausvotes 2010?
It will all be about Twitter.

More from Louise Bourke


By the Dockers today.
Up by a fair whack before half time.
Melbourne racked up 6 quick goals during the third quarter...and looked like earning an unexpected win.
Fortunately Fremantle remembered what has got them this far this year, tackling and pressure, and they pinched the win.
Thank goodness.
Needed that.
Hope the cavalry in the form of Tarrant and Grover returns next week against our fellow fourth spot aspirants, the Bulldogs, along with a four quarter effort.

Just in case you missed it....

Picture: Mogens Johansen (The West Australian)

From Todays West Australian...

Suburban Christian churches are leading a high-tech charge to restore Australian faith, using social networking and video streaming of sermons to reconnect with communities.

Inglewood pastor Mark Edwards said attendance at the Baptist Church had surged 30 per cent in the past year, largely because it had embraced technology.

Mr Edwards estimated 70 per cent of parishioners initially found out about the Church on the internet.

He used social networking sites Facebook and Twitter to advertise church activities, meet people, strengthen existing relationships and even answer questions parishioners felt "uncomfortable" asking in person.

"I am amazed at how many churches don't even have a website. People under the age of 30 don't believe you exist unless you have a website," he said.

He wanted to broadcast services online and was investigating whether Twitter or an iPhone application could allow parishioners to ask questions while he was talking on stage, making the service more interactive.

Bruce Chant, senior pastor at Northshore church in Quinns Rocks, regularly has the Pentecostal Church's sermons on podcast.

Establishing a "Google-friendly" website complete with videos had been vital in the five-year-old church expanding to 150 parishioners. He said it allowed people to learn about the church from the comfort and security of their homes.

"We also have people that work fly-in, fly-out in our congregation and it is handy for them to keep in touch with what is happening in the church, even when they are in Port Hedland or Karratha," Mr Chant said.

"The gospel message is timeless but the methods are open for improvement and should be as modern as the world we live in."

(Journalist: STEPHANIE PAINTER, The West Australian)


Been at Rotto...

Great and wonderful place to visit over winter.
We had superb weather there, road over half the island, and spent some great time with my wife and kids.

Just what I needed...

A little daughter

Talking to my wife today about my 6 year old daughter. She has been quite teary lately.
Melinda reckons its because I have been busy, and they were away last week and Ruby has not seen me much.

Turns out it appears to be true. ummm.

Selah....time to reflect on that.

My daughter needs time with her dad....she loves me and I love her.

Next couple of days is time to catch up with her and the son as well.
Looking forward to exploring some wintery beaches, maybe a hot chocolate or two..and some cuddles.

I am sooo enjoying James (the book)

It is such a confrontational book.

And I am really enjoying preaching through it at the moment.
Pastor Eliot bringing the message from chapter three this week.

The issue with confrontational preaching, is that you yourself get confronted with it!
But....when you get such a good response, as I did on Sunday, it is really encouraging.
People love to hear the truth, even if it confronts and challenges. As long as it is said with love and good humour....that is good.

Look at how Jesus presented the truth. He just gave it, but it was always with love and the peoples best interests....He is so challenging as a preacher.

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Cooking for blokes

Its not that hard fellas....
You just follow the recipe.

If you can install reticulation, retune a carby, cut code, research a sermon, chop firewood....

you can cook.

Got a lovely Beef Ragout in the slow cooker. Perfect food for winter...and lovely brownie points with the wife....

I can't wait for Round 18

Taking one of these with me.....

Pastoral Team

It is great to have a pastoral team.
Support, prayer....but the primary reason?

So you don't think you are mad.

Madness comes from.......



Being misunderstood

Not understanding why people do what they do

Questioning yourself, your own motives...if in are mad!

Having others to journey with helps in all these may still have doubts, but doubts shared with others...really helps.

Criticism can be really helpful

There are situations where if someone criticizes what you are doing, you know you are doing a good job.

You know their motives, you know what they are on about...and so when they should actually take it as a compliment.

For instance, if someone is fundamentally opposed to what you believe in, then it would be expected that they would not like what you do.

Today I received some comments from someone like this....after reflecting on what they had said, it actually strengthened me. Far from being a discouragement, it actually encouraged me!

Jesus is God, Lord and King. He is fully God, and become fully man.

That is all!

Practical Atheism

The previous post has informed a little of what I am speaking about on Sunday as we kick off our new series on 'Putting the rubber to the road'

From what I am sharing on Sunday...
"We all know people dont we...who say one thing and do another...we call such people hypocrites...or perhaps we call them politicians... ha ha!
In fact some would say that Kevin Rudd was deposed from his position because he promised a lot, but did not do much. Now whether that is true of not is actually not the issue...the issue is that there was a perception of that.
And James makes it clear that for the Christian...what we say must match up with what we do. Faith in God demands action...belief in Jesus means we will not just be hearers of the word...but doers of the word..and James will touch on that later.
He says here that the bible is like a mirror. We hold up a mirror to our face to show what we are like. For some of us, at 6am in the morning that is a really scary experience! Imagine waking up seeing your face is know there is salivia dripping down your chin, the cat has left hair on your pillow...even the mirror is recoiling in horror...and doing nothing about that and walking out of your room and scarring the kids."