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Angus Buchan in Perth

Cant wait!
Setting up all the visual gear for the conference.
Lot of work, and stinking hot in the tent!
Using a mixer I sourced from the Baptist Union, and a massive screen as well.
A lot of RCA cables, coming out of the mixer, which converts the vga signal into rca.
Then a amplifier down the front, sending the signal to monitors and projectors.
Hoping it all works. Have three cameras as well...and chroma keying the text over the live stage.

But....believing it will be worth it as over 2000 men celebrate their faith, and hear an anointed word from Angus Perth.

If you have not registered, and live in Perth....get on the web, register, and I will see you at Advent Park

It's Time to March

Doing something different at Inglewood Church for March.
Instead of small groups, we are having one 'big group'.
Every Wednesday during March we will gather together for teaching, inspiration and discussion.
I have enjoyed putting this together, and looking forward to the speakers...should be enjoyable!

Kim Walker Smith

This girl rocks!
Love it....I love how she leads this, building the mood, oscilating between intense and reflection.

Inglewood Church AGM Reflections 2010

We have come a long way as a church.
The positive, friendly and good spirit in our AGM was so refreshing.
(It has not always been that way)

But God has really transformed us, and brought us a long way.
A lot of what I shared tonight was 'inhouse', but here is some of what I am comfortable posting here.

2008 was a momentous year in the life of our church

2009 was a time of harvest, growth and sustained ministry

Started off 2009 with an average of 45 children in our Sunday Jam Ministry We now have over 120 kids on our books, with an average attendance of approximately 80 kids.

Creche is going through another mini boom, Comets averages about 15 kids, Jets has now split into two groups, and the Sync Group is establishing itself for growth as well, with about 4-6 teenagers now regularly attending.

This year has seen our church grow in numbers, with average attendance increasing dramatically to the point where now we are outgrowing our present facility.

Our worship team has seen a great increase in numbers of people attending, and in their sense of community, and passion for worship. Pastor Eliot has skilfully led our team in their love for each other and worship of God.

Our worship time together on Sunday is contemporary, family focused, fun and at times intense.

Toddler Jam is now being ably led by Sandy Vlatko and Quentin. This year we have held our second conference, with 11 churches from all over our state attending a time of encouragement and blessing.

Small groups have also grown this year. Pastor Eliot is now leading this ministry and has met with the small groups on a regular basis this year for encouragement, prayer and resourcing.

Visibility has been a key factor in our growth, and the website has been the main point of call for most of our visitors. It is regularly updated and maintained.

Thank you God for all You have done....

Robert Ferguson

Went to Riverview Small Group Leaders Training on Wednesday Night.
Robert Ferguson is over, and he took the session on Leadership Skills.
It was great for them to bring him over, and offer it free of charge to the wider church community.

Some of what he shared.....
You must not overlook what God has called you to oversee Jesus died...compassion...returned for His flock
Esther said, if I perish I perish...give your life for your flock Lives for His flock
What 7 things we need to oversee?
Oversee our care Oversee our attitudes Oversee our finances Oversee our example
Do people aspire to be like you?
If everyone in the church gave like you..what would that be like?
Are you attracting a good response from your non church neighbours?
Our gifts Gods gift says nothing about you...but everything about Him
Our team...not Lording it over people Mat 23.12
Stop letting your problems get in the way of your oversight Put your problems at the bottom of the list

The Good Shepherd
Helping people is messy Ps 78.70-72
Shephers were associated with the patriachs Fundamental to the understaning of the nation I am the good shepherd I am standing with the patriachs
I know the pain the struggle the harvest Shepherds were recognised as leaders Hareuveni dessert and shepherd in our biblical heritage
We like to be in awe We like to be small in comparison to our landscape We want to know that not everything has an answer
God took the people into a dessert because there is nothing else to worship sense of awe If you are a shepherd your livelihood is dependant upon the seasons
Desserts were monotheistic places They were despised by farmers.if you come out of the wilderness to the wont be liked
If you want to be populare dont be a Christian John 10.11 Neh 9.25
Backwards and forwards
God wants us to be blessed but as soon as He does..we forget about Him
Mageddo rebuilt 18 times
You need to learn the skill of confrontation
In and Out Num 27.15
Lead people to safety and then out to discover and explore In to protection and out to provision If you are only safe..that will not be a fulfilled life
Give and Take skill of grace Acts 13.22
Your heart is a gives and recieves
Up and down Ez 34.2
What are your responsibilities Search for the lost Pastor needs to be key evangelist Jay adams shepherding Gods flock 1974

I spoke with him afterwards, and he asked me...what did you get out of it?
Which I thought was very nice of him to do!
I shared with him that what I found most stimulating was his challenge to Pastors that they need to lead people home, but also set them back into the world to take risks.

Matt's Musings

Matt Chapman is someone I have become friends with lately.
He works for the BU here in Perth, and has some interesting things to say on the church.
I have added his blog to my list,
check it out!


Today I had to run around and pick up some visual equipment for the Mighty Mens Conference.
I needed a 4 way Composite AV Distribution AMP and Altronics had one on special for $60
I went down to pick it up and the guy there was friendly, knowledgable and not condescending.
He picked me up a 9 output one (normally over $300) out of the bargain bin instead, charged me $100, and I bought the missing power pack from him as well ($20)


I reccomend Altronics. Unlike Dick Smith, who have lost the plot lately, the assistants know their stuff, and have that stuff in stock!

What used to be true

Great video...
H/T Crossover

Hysteria over Nic Naitunui

First up, I think Nic looks like he will be a great player, and more importantly, a decent young man.

But the hysteria by the West Australian media over him proves the hypothesis that they are all 'Eaglecentric'.

The Sunday Times lead sports story was how Nic showed courage and leadership when all looked lost as an undermanned and young Essendon side pressed against the home side Eagles.

I almost sprayed my flat white over the back page of 'The West' today when I read their assertion that Nic was now a likely Brownlow contender, on the back of one poor punters misguided bet.

I am waiting for Barra's next instalment on 6pr tonight...can't wait!

Lets hope he does not believe all the press about himself and suffer under the weight and rock star adulation the WA Press serve up on Eagles players in this state.

Mark Harvey

Been a while since I posted anything Fremantle Dockers related.

Listened to Mark Harvey today on 6pr with Bob Maumill. Thankfully Barra was nowhere to be seen.

Mark said a few notable things.
He wants to start a charity pre season match between Fremantle and the two WAFL Fremantles sides. Can you imagine the staunch South Freo supporters cheering on the East Freo boys? The East Freo supporters will be too busy looking for the bar, so they wont care...

He is ready for the press onslaught this year, and inevitable contract calls from the rabid West Australian Press.

Bob suggested there was definete disparity between how the press deals with John Worsfold and Harvey. Harvey, to his credit, did not have much to say about that, just declaring he loves the challenge at Fremantle.
But history tells us there is no love between the two coaches, with Harvey and Worsfold sharing moments of conflict both on and off the field.

All in all, Harves is looking forward to seeing the development of the 11 young players blooded last year, and positive about the squad he has developed. Hope so Mark, looking forward to the footy season, cricket has been boring as....

(Post edited for accuracy)

Ministry is wonderful, and can be tough

Seems like heaps of Pastors are leaving their churches at the moment.
Churches can be tough...and unfair

Pastors can also be niave, foolish and idealistic.

There is a radical middle between pragmatism and being spiritually dependent
There is a radical middle between trusting and being realistic
There is a radical middle between boundaries and vulnerability

Finding that radical middle as a not easy
Churches bear the scars of dysfunctional pastors
Pastors bear the scars of dysfunctional church leaders/church people

Praying tonight for the advancement of the Kingdom

Good News!

This is the message I gave on Sunday, from Isaiah 52
I hope you enjoy it...the audio is definetly average, but hopefully listenable.

Listen Click Here

Speaking from the high places

A message which Brian Houston gave at the Hillsong Conference (2004 I think) was entitled 'speaking from the high places'.
I am adopting some of it for my message this Sunday.

He asked the question, those of you who know me, have you ever heard me bad mouthing another Christian leader, have you heard me spreading gossip about another Pastor?

He then challenged us, as pastors, we are often the worst offenders when it comes to spreading bad fact there are bad news churches.

Now of course Hillsong has its fair share of critics...but there is remarkably little criticism that comes from it....

This week I am speaking from Isaiah beautiful are the feet of him who brings... 'good news'. I want to be known as someone who spreads good news....

"Now at this point, or at least up till this point, there had been watchmen, these watchmen would be on the walls, on the hills, at the high places…the high places, watching for the enemy, watching to protect, watching out of fear of attack. They were there to keep the nation safe. So the people could retreat into safety, go behind the walls protect themselves, that was their role, one borne out of fear and desperation.
But here in this passage the watchmens role is flipped on its head. It says here, The watchmen shout and sing with joy,"

see you Sunday for more....

Pastor of one church...for 16 years

Coming up to the 16th year of my Ministry at Inglewood Church.
This is not a long reflection type post...just a brief thought in the light of what is happening...
A lot of friends and aquaitances are in the process of leaving their church, reconsidering their ministry roles, moving to other ministry positions, other churches...

I don't have anything against moving churches, God calls people to certain places for a season, a role...a task.

That is not my story, and I feel like Inglewood Church is where God has me for life. This may change at some point, but I cant imagine when or why.

Its a bit like a footy player, some of them are 'journeymen', some of them are one club players.
For me...I am finding God is changing me a lot as a leader, as the church goes through change. Its a interesting journey.

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