My blog has moved!

You will be automatically redirected to the new address. If that does not occur, visit
and update your bookmarks.


If you used to link to this blog, I would love it if you could change your link to my new blog with its own domain.

Thanks so much!

New Site is ready

Apologies if it has not hit your server yet.
It may not have propagated yet.
But I can now see it online, and the new address is

Not hard eh?
There should be an automatic RSS Feed there as well. Please let me know if it is not working (RSS Feed) for you.

Would love you to come over....and relink me if you do link to me now.

Changes coming to this blog

Check back soon....but I have bought my own url and soon this blog will be published there.

Will be changing everything over, including RSS feeds, in the next couple of days.