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Shadow Feet

"Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows" (Cs Lewis)

Question to Brooke Fraser: What’s a shadowfoot? I think that’s the only thing in your songs I have absolutely no interpretation for? Actually I think I have one but I’m not sure, can you clarify? – Ashley
BF: This is C.S. Lewis’ influence on me. The song ‘Shadowfeet’ was inspired by his wonderful book ‘The Great Divorce’ and in particular the following passage:
“Will you come with me to the mountains? It will hurt at first, until your feet are hardened. Reality is harsh to the feet of shadows. But will you come?”

Angus Buchan

Just a small sample of what Angus had to share at the 'Mighty Mens Conference' in Perth.
Here is something I have put together for church, its from the first message he shared with us on the Friday Night.

Too smart for their own good

some people...overthink things, stress out about stuff......

How does someone know you are a Christian?
Is it your theology?
Is it what you said, prayed once?
Is it the sawdust on your feet?

Or do they know we are Christians by our ....

Recently my wife went to the 'Colour' conference put on by Hillsong.
Someone was critical of her...said it was just another money grabbing conference.
Deluded fool.

The amount of love being shown by that church is justices being made being expressed.

They aint perfect...which should not come as a shock to anyone...but they are getting the love thing right....

When we come to Heaven Jesus wont ask us what our theological position was....He will ask us who we loved....

Don't be too smart for our someone in need.
(If you want to be critical of Hillsong you can't comment here, thats not the point of this post, if you want to interact with the point of this post...feel free)

Mr Barrista

A good friend from the land of the Volvo is also one of Perth's best Barrista's
He has a blog,

This post in particular was interesting and something which makes perfect sense...just cause something 'appears' to be, or once was..the best thing, does not mean it still is.
Italian Coffee

Free Palm Loop

Just in time for Palm Sunday, Integrity have a free palm loop...
Grab it!

Fremantle Dockers Membership ad 2010

Well done.

This is nuts

Washington (CNN) -- The Supreme Court declined to intervene Monday in a dispute over a public school's refusal to allow an instrument-only version of "Ave Maria" at a graduation ceremony. Officials feared the piece would be an endorsement of religion in that limited public forum.

Without comment, the justices rejected the appeal of Kathryn Nurre, who was a high school senior in Everett, Washington, in 2006. By tradition, graduating members of the school's wind ensemble could choose a piece from their repertoire to play at the June ceremony. They chose an arrangement of Franz Biebl's well-known "Ave Maria," which had been performed previously in choir recitals.

School district officials said they feared complaints similar to those that followed the previous year's choir performance of a vocal piece that included references to God, heaven and angels. "Ave Maria" was banned even though the performance would have contained no lyrics. More

Land of the free, home of the brave? hardly....

Are you the one who will stand up and be counted?

"stand up and be counted!!"

Apple Mc Book Pro and turning 40....

Something quite unexpected came up which meant I had in a sense some extra finance with which I needed to spend it on technology to do with one of the ministries I am involved in.

What does that have to do with turning 40?
Well I have for a long time been a stirrer of those 'Mac Evangelists' who seem to be in my wider social circle.

I have enjoyed throwing potshots from the corners of my safe Windows world.

No more.

As I turn 40 very shortly I was convicted to challenge myself.
Buying a Mac is only one of the ways, other more important ones including doing some work with 'Theologians without Borders' and some other more personal things.

But buying a Mac is the point of this post.

So far so good, things just work on a Mac...and I am really enjoying the clean sharp screen, the intuitive design and interface...and the fact that with Final Cut Express...rendering movies is quicker and better....

The other thing that surprised me was the fact I just plugged in my wireless 3 button scrolling mouse...and it worked..right click and all.

The West Australian Sets Cyril Munda up

On Tuesday 15th March the West Australian ran this story on their front page.
"A State Government report paints a bleak picture of the life of Aboriginals in Roebourne, revealing alarming levels of alcohol abuse, child neglect, violence, crime and overcrowding."
They showed Cyril in his home and said this, "Village resident Cyril Munda, who lives among the squalor, said no one should have to live in such conditions."

The West Australian is not staffed by idiots. They knew what the response would be. Letters to the West included typical stuff by people such as calls for Cyril to clean up his house, buy some detergent, take personal responsibility.

Fair call. Each of us should take responsibility for how we live.

But The West knew this, and knew what the response would be. It was a cynical, cliched photo, even if it was 'true'. It did not share how Cyril had got to this point, what his family life was like. I don't want to absolve him of responsibility, but I do want to say that 'easy' pot shot journalism such as this, just makes it easy for our society to continue in its attitude towards indigenous people.

I think we need to have some real dialogue with our fellow Australians about the issues that affect us all and I don't think The West contributed to that.

Pretty Amazing Grace

Great song!
Might do it for Easter....

Spoke on giving today

Good day today at Inglewood Church.
I never find it easy to talk about giving, but today I sought to have a positive message on being generous...

Had someone give a testimony that was really powerful about the provision of God in their life, as they trusted Him with their finances.

Good day!

Doing this song for Easter

Not much going on here

Lots going on in office...particularly rendering video for MMC and other stuff as our church suffers (!) from growth issues...

Lots to talk about, not much time to talk about it....

Watch this space

Yeh, that aint me

I must have that face.

Time after time complete strangers come up to me, sure I am someone else they know.
This weekend at the Angus Buchan conference, it happened about four times.

On top of that....
there were at least 3 other blokes named 'Mark Edwards' at the conference. I know that for a fact, and I met one of them!

Furthermore, there is a blogger who posts on Phil Bakers blog, a pastor, like me, called....Mark Edwards.

Someone once told me I had very average looks....they were entirely correct!