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You can laugh about anything, at the right time

My brother in law Carlo reckons you can laugh at just about anything, in the right context.
So based on that, and with fear and trepidation, I post this picture.

The very funny, but also naughty Chaser boys ambushed the Weagles at Sydney when they arrived for their game against the Swans. As you can see, a giant Eagle mascot greeted them, along with a fake drug dealer. The Eagle mascot had white powder on his bill.

Kerr thinks its funny anyway. Good on him for not getting mad, like Judd at his press conference. Judd stormed out after one too many questions on Cousins and Worsfolds commments that up to eight players on the Eagles squad are suspected of being on illicit drugs. Can't really blame Judd, he is there to play football. Let the coach and others answer those questions. Judd must be getting sick of it all, and it may weigh on his mind when he is deciding on whether to re-sign with the WC Eagles.

Easter Services

If your looking for somewhere to go, you are really welcome.
We have a community choir singing, and we hope it to be a moving and inspiring service with reflection, quiteness, depth on Good Friday, (9am)
Celebration, joy, and song on Easter Sunday (10am)

Don't stifle God

What an incredible thought, that we could stifle God.

"Do not stifle the Holy Spirit"

1 Thessalonians 5:19 (New Living Translation)

The Greek verb for stifle here is often used in the sense of putting out a fire. Although it is also used in the sense of a dried up river, water that stops flowing, and both apply here.
Now something else that is interesting here is that it is not so much a reference to our own personal lives, but actually to the work of the Spirit in the community. Some where saying, this is not the work of God, some were judging, instead of testing, Paul says here test all things, don’t be ignorant, match up the experience with Scripture, but he is also saying, don’t stifle the breeze, the breath of God, who sometimes comes in and messes up our agendas, and replaces them with His own.
And you know if Paul makes this statement it sort of says to me, that we can encourage the Spirit to be involved in Gods work in our midst, or we an discourage Him.
How can we encourage God to be involved, the Spirit to be involved?
How can we discourage God to be involved?

Homer J

Good to be back

After a week sick, it was great to be back at Church
Really enjoyed the service this morning, couple of people who visited last week, back again. Some refugees from Zimbwawe. What is really heartening is that three different lots of people from Church have already visited them and donated clothes and furniture, in one case a brand new couch.
These folk are settling in well, with the dad securing work. But the government has not helped them financially at all.
Thank God for church folk who have gathered around and helped not just in welcoming them, but real practical help.

They have 3 children who seem to have settled in well to KFC as well, which is encouraging.

Pav and Taz

This is really interesting, Pav and Taz were talking and discussing what defender they normally got. It appears they used to get the same one, the best one.

Good luck, this year, if Pav does not get you, Taz will, and then of course you are going to have to deal with the underated Ryan Murphy, Sandilands, who Mike Sheehan has rated as the 14th best player in the AFL, and in round 7, a revitalised Jeff Farmer.


FREMANTLE captain Matthew Pavlich and its Collingwood recruit Chris Tarrant could be causing double trouble for opposition defenders this season.
Pavlich said a discussion with Tarrant revealed one common thing – they had usually always been picked up by the same defender.

"We were talking about it the other day and going through the teams and we generally get the same opponents," he said.

"So it will be interesting to see how it works out and where we position ourselves on the ground.
"It is good to have Chris there, an All-Australian player with immense talent and a fantastic work ethic. I think that's another thing people have been misleading about because the work ethic we have seen has been fantastic."

AFL Auskick

Enrolled Clem at Auskick today.
What a great time he had. He loves being part of things, being social, and looks up to coaches and listens well.

Got to say how proud I am of him, slipping on his Morley Bulldogs Jumper, and kicking and handballing. Good to see he is as good as any of the other kids in his kicking. All those sessions with his dad have paid off. Not so good at the marking side of it, but its hard to get a six year old to not be cautious about catching a leather ball.

Did the sausage sizzle, cooked 200 sausages for hungry kids and parents.
Beautiful day, we are blessed to live in such a good country.

Kerr in trouble

ABC Radio reporting that Kerr has been implicated with a police phone tap with a convicted drug dealer.

West Coast are not going to have a midfield at this rate


Andy James Court CD

Andy James Court cd is out, "Remember"
It is very very good.

Music from the heart, slightly jazzy, funky feel,
listen to his rendition of Amazing Grace, it is tear inducing stuff, really commend it to you.
you can get it here,

God Tube

Have you seen this??

God Tube is basically U Tube but packaged obviously as Christian clips. Looks a lot like they are using all the U Tube background stuff, putting their own label on it.
Here is a very useful clip fron Oprah

Captains pick Freo to make GF

At the pre season gathering of all the AFL Team Captains, Fremantle received six votes, aside from their own, as the team in the competition most likely to make the Grand Final, with West Coast and Sydney receiving four votes each.

In a shock result, St Kilda received no votes.


I do not want to be a critic

But Jimmy Swaggart makes me ill.

Watching his "show" on Acess 31 made me really mad.

After some convuluted worship, and some pretty lame teaching, we where told what was really important, for the next half of the show.
Buying Swaggarts overpriced Bible.
Its a study Bible put together by him and presumably his team.

There is nothing wrong with selling Bibles. But dont charge exhorbitant prices for them, and dont pretend you are holy, when all you really want to do is make money.


Continuing my series on Spirit this week.

Looking at the idea of being filled with the Spirit. Is there any topic that has caused more concern and angst amongst 1980's churches than this one?
The issues about charismata, sign gifts, have caused untold stress and angst amongst more conservative churches for years.

Now, we find ourselves in the midst of the "Third Wave", so named by Peter Wagner. In a cultural response, similar to that found in modern culture, most people's attitudes towards tongue speaking etc seems to be, whatever works for you.

Let us consider this verse from 1 Corinthians 14.1

"Follow the way of love and eagerly desire spiritual gifts, especially the gift of prophecy"

Paul goes on to state that while the gift of tongues can edify us, what is more important is that we use our spiritual gifts to edify others.
But what strikes me about this verse is the idea that we should eagerly desire spiritual gifts. Other versions state it as, we should pursue, spiritual gifts.
Have you, are you, pursuing spiritual gifts?

Its official

Fremantle are now favourites to win the 2007 AFL premiership.
Apparently there have been some issues down at West Coast (?) and so Freo have becomes the punters favourite.


And if you want to make some money, bet on North Melboure to win the spoon, and the Saints to slip out of the eight.
I reckon Geelong might be the smokey this year.

Cousins Sacked

It seems West Coast have had enough of their ex captains misbehaviour, and in a similar manner to Michael Gardiner, Ben has been suspended indefinetely from the club.

I am glad. If someone has serious issues, they need to be confronted and dealt with. If he is not told by those who really care about him that his behaviour is unacceptable, it will become self destructive.
The last thing anyone wants is to see Ben hurt himself, or someone he loves.

Rumours abound, but what is very likely is that Ben has serious issues with drugs. Watch to see if the results of the drug tests he took yesterday reveal that the issue is far greater than just missing a training session.

I hope such a champion and skilled player gets the help he needs.
If I was a parent of a WC supporting child I would tell them that he had been very naughty and done some silly things, and so the club could no longer play him. Lets hope some positives come out of this.

Young Baptist Pastors

There is a problem within our denomination.
Just about every church that is growing, is looking for a youth worker, childrens worker, family Pastor. I know one Baptist Church that has been looking for a youth pastor for 3 years with not even a sniff.

Anectodal evidence suggests that there are not many young guys/gals of serious usuable talent coming through the ranks.
When I was studying, about 12 years ago, there was a heap of us. In fact my peer group started off with six members, and although it remains at 6, they are a vastly different 6, as some have dropped off, some have retrained as teachers.
There is a LOT of dissulusionment out there about becoming a Baptist Pastor. I don't think it is that evident amongst the present guys. Most of them that I mix with are doing exceptional work, in difficult circumstances. Underpaid, often undervalued, yet passionate about seeing the church grow.

Some of the younger potential leaders have left and started more 'emergent' type groups. This may provoke some discussion, but is not the point of this post. But generally there is very little evidence of real conversion growth within this movement. However many left the mainstream church because all they saw happening was transfer growth. To a true missional pastor, who has integrity, that is dissapointing, but I dont think the emergent stream is the answer.

Someone asked me why there are not many good young leaders coming through and this was my answer.
We have ourselves to blame. For too many years too many Baptist Churches have been caustic places that have despised their pastors. In a recent situation I am aware of, some leaders were criticised incredibly when they tried to introduce a children's ministry within the church. Some wrote a 10 page document detailing these folks problems. They had been at the church for 15 years! Then when they left, the same caustic folk said, "oh you cant leave, who is going to do this, and that!"
They reckon that now they have left, this incredible weight has been lifted off their shoulders.

Who on earth who want to be a pastor in such a church? It does not matter if you did get paid decent wages, why would you want to be there??

All this has been based on my speaking to other pastors. My own experience has been as follows.
I inherited a very traditional church which had many issues. BUT, after 12 years of hard slog, mistakes (on mine and others parts), we are now a great healthy church to be a part of. We are seeing real conversion growth and absolutely incredible missionary opportunities.
But it has been really really hard.

I reckon young people today, the so called Y generation, just wont put up with the stuff I and others have.
I think this is fair enough actually.
But for those of us concerned about the future of Baptist Churches, we have to keep change happening, and it has to keep happening now.......

On Magical Ground

Popped down my local supermarket, 7.50pm, to pick up some late night treats for some well behaved kids.

Who should I see buying some condiments but the Wizard, 33, best goal sneak in the business!
His girlfriend noticed my dockers top, but I did not want to disturb them, even though I would have loved a photo with the great man.

He's pretty short, but also looks incredibly lean, fit and muscular.

Getting better

Starting to feel human again,
still have a fair bit of back pain and nauseous feeling.
But at least I can stay awake, and am starting to eat again.
Still cant face the idea of drinking coffee, which is really awful for me.
But am drinking a lot of barley/lemon cordial.

Will be trying to get back into it at half strength this week. Love my work, dont like being sick!

Why I am glad I don't support WC

Having a 3 and 6 year old really puts things into perspective.
With all the news coming out of WC headquarters, I am just so glad that for whatever reason I have brought them up in the right way.

Imagine having to justify and explain away my teams behaviour.
Imagine having to explain to them why Ben Cousins is on TV again, and why he looks so sick. Imagine having to explain to them why number 4 is always in trouble
Imagine having to explain why the captain is yelling at the nice reporter.

Winning the cup does not justify their incredibly bad behaviour.

I am glad I have bought my children up well....

Freo has had its share of problems, but nothing like the ingrained litany of drug fuelled, arrogant, we can get away with it because we are WC attitude.

Latest Story

Sick sick sick

Never been this sick before.
Had to go to RPH for two nights.
Staff are wonderful, food is not great, but you can't really expect much.

Because of my contagious state, I was given an "orange" status, which meant I had my own room, with own ensuite.
I wonder if being forced to lie down for 24-36 hours did me the most good.

It sure is good to be home though, and hug my beautiful wife and family. Boy, I missed them.
Its not like going to a conference or away for a week for some legitimate reason, being apart because you are in RPH is awful.

Feeling better, but still sore in the lower stomach.

Party Driver

How did I get to this point in my life?

Saturdays are no longer about a leisurely read of the West with a long homemade latte or two.
They are now all about what time we have to take one of our kids to their friends/relatives birthday parties.

I am no longer Mark, I am Clem's dad.

I no longer go to my own friends parties, we go to each others kids parties. We dont drink wine and eat fancy little morsels. We share red cordial and fairy bread.

I'm with Jeff

In todays West Jeff Kennet has said that Perth is devoid of life, needs more access to the River, and does not have a lot of culture or key events.

What has he said that is incorrect?
We should use our river more. Southbank and even what they have done in Brisbane should point the way for us. Our river is beautiful, we now have the Air races there, lets do something with it, build some restaurants, tourist precincts to go with the bell tower.
Lets attract some more events.....

Yes Jeff...

Christians Annoy Me

You too huh???

Here is my message from a week or so back, sorry for lateness!

Unmasked4 Chrtisti...

Booked flight

Booked my flight for Hillsong conference 2007 last night

For this first time, we are staying over for the Sunday, for one thing to go to Hillsong Church on the Sunday, but truth be told, also to go and see the mighty DOCKERS defeat Sydney for the first time at the SCG

Sex God

I have just recieved the new Rob Bell Book, "Sex God"
After having it in my possession for about four hours, I am half way through already.

This is an awesome book.

When it finally arrives in Australia, buy it, or better yet, do what I did, and get it through Amazon.
Heres a thought from the book which has had me thinking......

We are not angels

We are not animals

We are humans, created in Gods image

How does this speak into the images and notions we have of our sexuality?
Hint... Angels are pure and don't think about or desire to have sex
.............Animals have sex on instinct, and think about it in season, and probably mostly do it for procreation

Bono, in case you missed it

"It's a mind-blowing concept that the God who created the universe might be looking for company, a real relationship with people, but the thing that keeps me on my knees is the difference between Grace and Karma"

Bono Quote

Jeff Farmer

Jeff Jeff Jeff........

The best forward in the AFL

Picked on by umpires, rarely given frees he deserves.....
Fevola got 2 weeks for the same thing
Kerr gets one week for punching someone in the groin


He does need to focus on team....................

Jonathon Edwards

Doing some research for a lecture I have given, spoke a little about Jonathon Edwards, who wrote the very well known sermon, "Sinners in the hands of an angry God"

Jonathan Edwards (October 5, 1703 – March 22, 1758) was a colonial American Congregational preacher, theologian, and missionary to Native Americans.

He preached in a monotone voice, in fact he was very non charismatic in how he preached, there was nothing that interesting about how he went about his stuff. But it was what was happening in the pews that many of you may have heard about and be interested in.

When he preached, people were so affected they started to fall of their seats and they thought they were falling into hell and they started to scream, uncontrollably, some people who advocate the Toronto Blessing, think that Jonathon Edwards was the pioneer of that movement, others don’t think that. But certainly the congregation when Jonathon preached came under the power of God and there were many manifestations of the Spirit, most noticeably for me the fact that people were drawn off the street by the Holy Spirit In six months, nearly three hundred were admitted to the church and came under the hand of God.

New Series SPIRIT

Here is the new series I am doing
How does spirituality affect us, does God really want to have a relationship with us, as Bono contends??

We are going to look at the HOLY SPIRIT and how God's presence affects us
who is HE?
what does HE do?
what does HE have to do with me?
does, and if so how does the supernatural affect a modern Australian?

Purple Cow Give away

If you have not read the Purple Cow by Seth Godin, you can go here and get the first three chapters for nix. This is probably old news for most of you, but having heard so much about the book, and being an avid reader of his blog, I can't wait to get stuck into it.

Riverview Church

Look who is being interviewed at Riverview Church , our own Baptist Pastor, Graeme Maybury.

Mud Nite

Bethlehemian Rhapsody

Oh Dear.... Do yu reckon I could show this in church?? :)

Nobody stuffs up the Dockers like 7

I am one of the few West Australians who refuse to watch channel 7 news. Apart from having the Eagles PR man as one of their sports reporters (Mainwaring), they now have decided not to show Freo vs the Roos this weekend.


I have no doubt if it was the Weeeegirls who were playing, it would have been live.

Make it clear


"Clearly explain exactly how to respond to Christ. Too many invitations to salvation are misunderstood. The unchurched often have no idea what's going on." - Rick Warren

I have to get better at this.
I have to get better at challenging people to action
I have to get better at being clear what I am asking for
I have to stop sounding apologetic when I call for action