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Worsfold clearly outcoached.

The Weagles cant do anything right. I wanted them to win this week, for Freo's sake, and get Colliwobbles down to our amount of points.

But JW was outcoached by a fired up Malthouse.
Freo made Collingwood look ordinary last week, the weagles had no answers for the match ups this week.

Who is meant to kick goals for the Weagles?


  Alex H

7:09 pm

Didn't see the game, but I'm definitely not backing us for the finals. :-(


3:27 am

Weagles what's a Weagles?


9:17 am

Those extra players - usually called umpires - certainly were helpful to Maltmouse as well.

Having a number out, a couple back cold and losing Hunter early didn't help our matchups (if one is to assume the umpire view is a particularly West Coast view).


9:18 am

Thanks to the shockers for helping WC say at number 2...

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