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Pioneers at Bedford

We had a great Sunday today.
Church was packed, and it was exciting,
The worship team played at just the right level, and the Worship Leader led with sensitivity.
In my view worship time at Church is best when the church get into it, sing loudly, laugh, enjoy, pray together. Today there was a real sense of oneness and unity, it was quite profound.
I started my new series on Unmasked, talking about prayer, and how, if we are frank, it bores us sometimes.
I ended with an awe inspiring quote from Watchmen Nee, The righteous man. Woh, God's Spirit moved.


We had our special members meeting.
Almost unanimous vote on the next stage of our relocation. Incredible sense that God is with us, as much as we are stepping out as the original founders of Bedford Baptist Church did, as pioneers. wow. wow. wow.


  Alex Huggett

4:28 pm

Awesome Mark. Go for it!

  Wayne Field

10:49 am

Mark is leaving his mark.

Great news about the move. Welcome to the Christian nomads.


11:17 am

I've found that once you start developing an inner peace and calmness, you don't look for an emotionally charged atmosphere to further enhance this process.

Sure, inner calmness means that you develop the ability not to be caught up in the surrounding emotions of a situation. But you wouldn't purposely seek an emotional style of "worship" to further enhance your spirituality.

  Mark Edwards

12:29 pm

I dont think you manufacture it, but I do think God has give us emotions for a reason.

I do think we as Baptists have been too cognitive, and neglected the emotive side of our being.

Of course, we can all accuse some churches of rampant emotionalism. but heartfelt worship is just that, heart and felt.

I found David (the psalmist) very emotional and emotive in his songs.


11:33 am

I think that's why some people find Buddhism more relevant. It teaches about the impermanence of emotions and that real and lasting happiness transcends emotion.

You'll never get those people back into Christianity - especially with the childish devotion to emotionally oriented worship, no matter how "natural" it might appear.

  Mark Edwards

10:08 pm

With all due respect David, that is a load of rubbish.
Bhuddism ceratinly has some positive things about it, but there is only one way to eternal, abundant life.
There is only one way to true peace and joy.

That is what Christianity and Jesus Christ Himself teaches.
The style of worship has nothing to do with it, its about a real relationship with the One True God.

There are plenty of people who have dabbled in Bhuddism and come out of it to embrace true Christianity.

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