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I have dismissed the abheration of round one from my mind, reminding myself that last year we suffered at the hands of Geelong in the middle of the year, and then won 9 in a row, storming into the finals.

This week we are up against the revitalised Essendon at our bogey ground, the dome.

We have Tarrant and Solomon, who are both Dome experts.
Matthew Carr is back, Pavlich was cleared.

Despite the hype, Essendon are carp, and Matthew Lloyd has admitted as much.
Its time we stamped our authority on this competition from the start of the season.
We need to win anywhere, against any side at any time to win the premiership.

In other news, Reivoldt is still out for this week, and despite the abheration of last week, it looks like being Bali for the boys from St Kilda in September.



3:23 pm

Yes round one results are usually abherrations, and in round two normalcy often resumes.

I watched the Essendon game on Sunday and what was surprising is the Dons didn't ease back, nor have the final quarter fadeout they were famous for last year.

I guess it's 2007 now.

Don't think it will be the year of Freo though, not with the high standard shown already by Sydney & West Coast.

Who can find finals form later in the year? Go the Crows!

  Gareth Williams

3:24 pm

If you're going to bag someone at least spell his name right. REIWOLDT.

Seing as Freo are experts at duty free shopping during September, maybe they could give us some tips.


6:37 am

Bring it on brother.........

i'm away all weekend and can't watch the game!


  Mark Edwards

12:52 pm

oooh aaaah, expect a visit to your blog on MOnday if results go the right way!

  Glenn Globber

9:31 pm

'essendon are carp'? Are you saying they smell like fish? I could think of way better put-downs than that! Anyway being a 'Docker' aren't you meant to be the smelly fishy one?

  Mark Edwards

10:15 pm

It might be a west australian thing, but rearrange the letters and you should figure it out :)


6:54 am

hmmmm i feel a unexplainable urge to post in here again :-P

You never visited my blog mate...

hmmmm i do smell fish!


  Mark Edwards

7:31 am


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