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Pre season games are really really important...

And a great indicator of the season to come.....
(I've always thought so!!)

44 points against a pretty lacklustre wee girls...

If not for a brave Mark Seaby, it would have been a lot worse for the Canaries down the road.



8:55 am

I'm not expecting the Eagles to do great this season. But really, since when has their performance in the preseason been any indication - except that losing against freo means they'll finish ahead.


10:05 am

And who really cares when neither will win the Premiership?

  Mark Edwards

10:13 am

we will have to wait and see....but I think the Dockers have more chance than the weages

  Lance Mac

4:23 pm

I hope Hasleby thinks the pre season games are important. *Shakes head, stupid coach...

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