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My favourite Saturday...

I love living where I do....and here is one reason why.

Wake up,
need to help beloved clean the house, she is in one of her cleaning moods...and the whole family gets caught up in the clean-a-thon....which is good...

Now.....the good part...
off to Lawleys for a loaf of divine Ciabata bread, and a lovely Danish for number one son....

Then down to the Barrista championships to see Jasper produce some stunningly good coffee...using his own blends ...( friend...2nd best in WA!! )

Back to my abode, pour myself the third flat white for the day...a long one this time, smear some butter on the bread....relax, read the some of the Test.



5:00 pm

Thanks again mate for your support! We are currently working hard to get to The Gold Coast, to the opens and secure a place in the finals, hahaha.... we´ll see about that though!

Someone, not me, has called a certain longtime Australian Championship contender and winner for some serious coaching! Could be great fun!

  Mark Edwards

10:47 am

if its who I am thinking of...I thought he had the whole barrista thing convered? :)

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