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Wife away......mmmmm

Melinda has taken her mum away for a few days to Cervantes......

I don't know how to feel.....
I love that place....yet after two weeks away....there is no way I could go.
She needed to take her mum away for a break..some stuff going on there.
But waving her and the kids away...while Clem begged me to come so we could go diving together....pretty tuff!

Mind you...there is a silver lining...she made me two days worth of lasange...and she makes the best lasange in the world!


  Dave Q

4:31 pm

I feel fr you Mark. I find it hard when my wife and kids are away too. But lasagne would help me too ;-)

BTW, I like what you have done with your blog. The top image sits well now you have adjusted it and the colours are good.

  Gareth Williams

8:02 pm

Wow, lasange. I guess she would make the best as I believe she's the only one to make such a dish.

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