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Grand Final

It is almost upon us, the last Saturday in September....
It sure does not feel like it weather wise.

This Saturday the BIL (Brother in Laws) will be gathering at the Edwards house for our customary day of drinking, meat snacks, chips and cheering for the underdog.

This year I think the Saints will be our preference. It is a rare game where we will all be going for the same team. While one BIL has seen the light, the other is still stuck cheering for the West Coast Criminals.

We will have silly bets on who will kick the first goal, who will win the Norm Smith medal...and drag up as many silly cliches as we can for the game. The most favourite being, "the next goal will decide it'.

I don't know what it feels like to have a team in the GF, the closest I got was the Dockers preliminary final in 2006. Our time will come, and when it does, I wont be watching it on TV....thats for sure!



10:02 am

Geezs mark I suppose we will probably have holograms by then, good point TV's wont be around.


10:09 am

well, i was barracking for the cats. i'm not sure why but i had to follow my gut instinct. fortunately i've been a claremont supporter since 1981 and a member since 1987 so i've enjoyed plenty of grand final wins and been devastated by quite a few grand final losses. freo will get there before too long. i would put my house on us not having only 1 premiership and 26 wooden spoons by the time we've been in the comp for 113 years!!

oh, and grammar nazi says that the plural of BIL is Brothers In Law. ;-)

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