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Ministry is wonderful, and can be tough

Seems like heaps of Pastors are leaving their churches at the moment.
Churches can be tough...and unfair

Pastors can also be niave, foolish and idealistic.

There is a radical middle between pragmatism and being spiritually dependent
There is a radical middle between trusting and being realistic
There is a radical middle between boundaries and vulnerability

Finding that radical middle as a not easy
Churches bear the scars of dysfunctional pastors
Pastors bear the scars of dysfunctional church leaders/church people

Praying tonight for the advancement of the Kingdom



11:14 pm

Thanks Mark. Trying to hang in and see God grow a church is about to kill me.


9:05 am

Good word Mark. It is a tough gig with high rewards but also carries a high risk in many ways.

May God continue to build His church in our city!

  John Finkelde

10:07 am

Top wisdom Mark forged from years of pastoring


11:50 am

Well said, Mark.

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