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Just about all Mac

God is good.

Prayed about some new software I need.
My old (12 months old) laptop was stolen. Bummer
Insurance bought me a new Mac...yeh!

This meant I could gift my old (2months old!) Mac to the church and use 'Pro - Presenter" for church presentation duties. Trying it out this Sunday, let you know how it goes.

But is also meant I had lost access to Photoshop...bummer.
Turns out I can get it for Mac, but it cost about $1000....bummer.

Then I got an unexpected cheque for $250 from someone..yeh!
Buying the education version of Adobe Suite with my wifes education discount ($400 total)...yeh!

I should not have to use one of Gates dreaded products for anything....super yeah!


  John Finkelde

7:46 am

Mark you have become a dreaded Mac fanboi ... very sad!

  Mark Edwards

9:25 am

its very sad I know....but once you start...its hard to stop. sermon illustration there somewhere John!

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