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Got my tickets

Lined up early this morning at "The Arena" Joondalup to get finals tickets for this Fridays game against the Melbourne Demons.

I have to say they are much better organised down there than at Midland.
They had a line marked out for people and so you just took up your spot and waited. If nature or the coffee machine called, no problem. With a three hour wait, this was pretty important!

Unlike last time, lining up for tickets to the Derby, there was no drama with the ticketing. The Weagles had a terrible time getting tickets to their final last week (boo hoo!!!) with most fans waiting about 8-10 hours before the machines finally came back online.

Anyways, Melinda and myself are off to Subi this Friday Night, should be a cracker of a game, and hopefully the Dockers will have found their confidence on the way back across the Nullaboar and send the Melbourne team back home with their tails between their legs.



4:08 pm

got me tix also mark.. will be a cracker if a game with a fine night predicted.

pray the lord for another saints/port night weather....bewidful

p.s. website appearance - niiiiiiice


7:33 pm

Black-Saturday as discussed on 6PR's Morning Show with Bobby and Georgie;

Shane Woewodin on SEN116AM;


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