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Sunday Mind Dump

Beautiful day.....

Some pleasant suprises at church with two folk joining Eliot for worship....and they were great...both of them....cant say much more...but really encouraging....

There was a real sense of the presence of God this morning during church, and another good crowd in this week as well......which is always encouraging.

I spoke on fasting, which was good, got a friend to do a testimony about his own experiences, and it fitted in really fact the whole service 'flowed' in that mysterious way that says to me that God has something to say...and we are just the passengers. It was good to be there.

This afternoon I took the kids down to City Beach to walk the dog, have some overpriced fish and chips, and let my son ride his bank down the steep grass walls of the oval there, going way to fast on his bike....he is such a boy.

Tommorow I have peer group, and I will be picking up my wife late at night.


  Dave Quinn

8:32 am

Sounds like a good day. I love that feeling when it all ties together and God's theme comes out without everyone talking about it first. Sounds like you had one of those days!

  Gareth Williams

9:22 am

Rode his bank. I didn't know your son was that well advanced.

So, you're still alive then? Do you have the same number of kids left as when Melinda left? I guess that means you're a good Dad.

  Mark Edwards

9:39 am

rode his was late...I couldn't see the keys....

Kids alive and well....but probably forgotten what a vegetable is... :)

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