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Ha ha ha!

It was a great win...and enough encouragement to suggest we will make the 2009. I may be biased, one eyed and optimistic..but I am not dumb.

If Palmer does not win the Rising Star...who will? Channel Ten did an interesting graphic where they compared Judds first 10 games with Palmers. Palmer is considerably out in front with possessions and goals. He just needs to work on his kicking...and this kid is a gun.
Just quietly, Chris Mayne is awesome and Garrick Ibbotson....excellent.

With Solomon quickly becoming the deal of the century, what a team player, and Harvey declaring McPharlin the best full back at the moment, things are looking decidely better.

Okay, I am getting ahead of myself...but crumbs, after the season we have had....I'm enjoying this moment....



10:01 pm

McPharlin the best full back at the moment? You mean because Scarlett is out injured right? :-)

Those three kids you mentioned will be fantastic.Just need to draft some good KPP kids and who knows what the future holds.

  Mark Edwards

10:09 pm

Scarletts okay.... :)

  Mark Edwards

10:10 pm

Go Cats next week by the way!

  Mark (under construction)

5:28 am

I have WAITED all weekend for you to post this!!!


9:56 am

Dorkers have 1 win and you're already thinking you're a chance for the finals? Why don't you just try for 2 wins in a row first eh?


12:35 pm

i like your comment on solomon cos i reckon he's been a fantastic pickup and yet people rubbish us for drafting him. i'm pretty sure that most of the critics don't really watch freo games cos their comments seem to just parrot what everyone else says but have very little grounding in reality.

  Mark Edwards

5:41 pm

anonymous....did you read the post? on....most journalists are just plain lazy and use cliches...its like in 2005 when people were saying Freo cant win away....we had a fantastic mcg record...

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