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St Kilda

Thanks to St Gaz who conveniently did not make up a poster for St Kilda, I have.



4:45 pm

Sad part is - this poster just makes me wish I was a St Kilda supporter: "making up the 8" is a lofty goal for us Tiges fans!

  Mark Edwards

5:04 pm

Gareths one on Richmond is a beauty....

  Gareth Williams

5:29 am


Though what happened in 66?

I have to admit that I didn't make the ones on my blog up, I got them from a guy on Saintsational, but there's a few more floating around on the net.

  Mark Edwards

1:52 pm

I think you know what happened in the VFL in 66.....

  Gareth Williams

12:27 pm

Just wondering why you chose 67?

  Glenn Globber

6:50 pm

Shouldn't it read something like 'Fremantle, making it easier for teams to get in the eight since 1995'?

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