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Eagles deserve it....

Someone left this doll on my desk it needed to suffer.... :)

This is where their season is headed....

And I am sure they are going to get this......


  Dave Q

7:45 am

Very good. I will have to give you a point for that Mark. Even though I follow the Eagles.


9:18 am

They were trying to do you a good turn by giving you that doll, hoping you'll see the light :) Obviously you are still in darkness :P

  Mark Edwards

10:06 am

doing me a good turn? a bit like the Trojan horse eh? :)

10:21 am

What gets me is that you had the dress ready on hand? Guess it comes with the Freo memberships now??



12:00 pm

I gave my Pastor an Eagles doormat one time. He was quite surprised as we had had many 'discussions' about my passion for Freo -- till I explained that now I could wipe my feet on West Coast everytime I went to his house.
In retaliation, he put a musical doorbell under my seat at church -- guess what it played? (WC team song -- LOUDLY!) when I sat down.


The lesson? Pastors always win, even if their team doesn't.

  Mark Edwards

1:17 pm

kick to was my daughters, and her idea...she is 4 and hates the eagles...I am bringing her up well..... :)
who reckons the doll looks like Adrian Barich?? :)

Toni....pastors have a public you need to be careful...they can get you back in their sermon illustrations... :)


11:20 am

I do agree that the doll looks like Adrian Barich, funny when you think it like that and that the dress does then fit...

btw hears a preview for your beloved Freo -

Cannot believe you have corrupted your daughter at such a young age though.

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