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Eagles photos on facebook

It seems the eagles photos I posted on facebook are creating a fair bit of interest....
this comment from Dave Fallon was the best....

"hating the weagles is quite a healthy and satisfying pasttime"

Yes....I is.....


  Dave Q

7:31 am

Who did you follow before the Dockers came into the comp?

  Mark Edwards

9:18 am

south fremantle....i never liked the eagles.....I had a soft spot for north melbourne...

  John Finkelde

2:05 pm

you are a wicked man!!

And for everybody's info ... I'm a Subi man from way back ... followed the Eagles til Dockers came along ... Shane Parker grew up in our church so it was a natural fit

Who do you follow in the WAFL Dave?

  Dave Q

4:42 pm

I played little league for West Perth back in the day, so I have stuck with them through the years.

I guess as a really young kid I used to like Richmond as my dad followed them. But I used to go to school with Chris Lewis so when he was named in the original Eagles I came on board with them. I must admit though I am not feeling as connected with them these days though.

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