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I think this inglorious start to the season, with the fired up and skilfull St Kilda (away game) next week....pretty much spells the end of our season 2009.

Barring a miracle comeback.....thats it for us this year.

Sundays effort was actually commendable in one sense. After the second quarter, I gave us no hope. To claw back in front during the fourth quarter was a good gusty effort. The Dockers did not give well done.

But....if someone does not teach them how to kick straight, and quickly, thats it.



4:00 pm

you can't do much worse against the saints than West Coast you have that going for you at least!

Looks like a lean year ahead again for WA football:(

  Mark Edwards

4:14 pm I cant even enjoy the Eagles misery.... :)

  John Finkelde

4:52 pm

it's just depressing


6:01 pm

After the Eagles belting, the Dorks loss gave me some consolation :)


11:10 am

as an Essendon support I feel quite content that the Bombers hammer one of those nails into the coffin...



2:09 pm

I don't think expectations should have been very high for this season, what with all the retirements last year. One pre-season win over Carlton in Bunbury does not a finals push make.

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