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Footy Season almost over

Bit depressing.
I know the 'other' teams have a few weeks to go....but my Dockers only have two...again.
With so many injuries, and a very young side, I know this is something I have to deal with, and will probably have to deal with next year.
But it does not get any easier.
Who shall I support in the finals?

For: Have never won an AFL premiership. Likeable team, apart from Stephen Milne. Gareth Williams supports the saints and it would be nice to see him get a Cup after such a long time of supporting them, he is a true supporter.

Against: Gareth Williams supports them, and I dont know if I could stand the ribbing and general gloating.

Against: everything

For: They have not won an AFL Premiership. I think Brad Johnson is a decent bloke, unlike the idiot who threw beer at him from Brisbane.

For: Not a lot
Against: They have won in recent years, and no one like an overachiever.



10:59 pm

My 'policy' is that I'll support non Vic teams over the Vics (unless it's Port or the Dorks). This year I think I'll be barracking for St Kilda or the Bulldogs purely for the fact that they have the longest premiership droughts. But at the end of the day, I really don't care. The Vics can fight amongst themselves.


10:36 am

Dogs (58?) and Saints (66) both have won between them.

  Mark Edwards

1:40 pm

no they have not Jermayn. They have won VFL premierships, not AFL ones.

and Sarah, I am with you on Port.
No one likes Port.

what would you do if it was a Freo V Port GF? go down the paddock and shoot some foxes??? :)


4:48 am

Thanks Mark.
I promise not to gloat...too much.Okay, that's a lie. But much water will need to pass under the bridge for it to happen.


4:49 am

Oops, previous comment was from Gareth, but Karyn was logged in. And I can't be bothered logging out.


2:47 pm

I'd watch them fight and kill each other off. They are all bogans so it'd be bound to happen ;)

Freo in a grand final?!? Dream on....*SNORT* :)

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