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Think about how you can encourage someone today

Couple of brief thoughts.

When in a meeting, particularly a church one....if appropriate...share the extra 10%
What he mean is that often the extra little bit we are wondering whether we should say or not, is the most important!
If it is a trusting and loving environment...that extra 10% we may be embarrassed to share, might just be the point which transforms people and a positive sense.

Encourage people. Someone who was significant in my life a few years back said to me once, "I dont encourage people often, so when I do, they take it seriously" He was dead wrong. People are generally bereft of encouragement in their life. So many take on board comments and words that they shouldn't. Negative stuff. A word of encouragement, joy, praise...can make all the difference. Be known as someone who shares words of joy and life into peoplt.


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