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New I Phone

Now all the fuss has died down about the Apple Iphone, lets examine it.
Its funky, its trendy, it has a touch screen.
It plays music, it is a phone.
Apart from being funky and trendy, I cant find one thing it does better than my O2 PDA, and there are a stack of things my pda does that the Iphone does not do.

Steve Jobs, "“Every once in a while a revolutionary product comes along that changes everything,” Jobs said. I dont think so Steve. A triumph of style over substance.
In fact the features it does have, are ones which it has copied from Blackberries, PDA's etc.
Nothing new here people, move on, move on.



10:37 pm

i guess for starters the battery life would be better on the iPhone when compared to the O2 unit. a mate has 02 atom [from memory] and battery life is not much chop depending on the usage i guess.


  Mark Edwards

11:46 pm

thats true
but hardly revolutionary
most devices would have a better battery than my 2 year old pda


9:02 am

style has always trumped substance in IT - look at office, explorer etc

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