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My blog is rated G, according to Mingle2
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I have had over 1000 visitors this month, with about 50 unique hits a day, which is pretty amazing considering some of the dribble I come out with, I mean talking about apricot jam for goodness sake.

I get most visits on Mondays and Tuesdays, and the least hits on you must all be visiting during working hous. Maybe my dribble is at times a nice distraction.

I also have had over 400 new people visit the blog this month, goodness knows where from, and a steady readership of about 350....

It is quite extraordinary the people that visit from a google or other search, with the most amazing search parameters. Hopefully they find something worth reading.

It is also amazing to see some regulars from the most obscure locations, at least to me. From Japan, to Canada, to France and even Africa....Thanks for visiting.
Thanks, I appreciate it.....Feel free to post a comment at any time.



12:02 pm

Well, you'll undoubtedly appreciate this Mark: my blog has been rated PG because of the inclusion of the prescence of the word:


"Polak". So the rumours must be true :P

  Mark Edwards

12:30 pm

ha ha ha!

what about 'Wallace', surely thats a swear word round Richmond way by now?? :)

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