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Okay then....

A Mars Bar for whoever can work out what is strange about this photo....Its not easy



12:32 pm

I really have no idea. No adoring fans, perhaps?


2:23 pm

He is reading a Christian book. Can't remember the name. It is about how you get to heaven.

  Mark Edwards

2:57 pm

More informtation Dave....but your on the right track, I need the name of the artist, author and book :)

  Andrew 'Roo' Patrick

3:00 pm

what about the fact he looks like he is in economy? :p

  Mark Edwards

6:49 pm

I thought about that.....but its not what I was looking for, maybe I'll give you a milky bar for trying :)


7:44 am

It may be a Christian book, but it doesn't look dog eared.


8:49 am

How Good Is Good Enough? by Stanley Andy.

Mate, I had to pray and then God aid "Stanley" I searched Koorong to get the name and title!

  Mark Edwards

9:03 am

Close enough dave, Andy Stanley, from Northpoint church,

here is the blog post which has an interesting story about it.

Check Out What Snoop Dogg Is Reading!
I guess Andy Stanley ain't nothin' but a 'G' thang.

*Follow-up 6/19/07. I thought this picture seemed staged so I did some checking around at Northpoint (and many of you have been wondering the same thing). As the story goes, Snoop was sitting next to a Northpoint attendee who was reading this book. Snoop asked to read it and liked it so much he asked if he could keep it. That's as far as I know about the legend. But the real question is why is a guy with so much bling riding in coach? It's like this and like that and like this...

Now how to get Dave the mars bar? Seeing as how you are a soon to be Church of Christ Minister, I should meet you face to face at the next 2gether conference... and make sure you remind me about the mars bar!!


9:38 am

Woohoo I won something!
Sounds good about the 2gether conference. I will bring my appetite!

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