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It is very dangerous....

Being so close to what I consider to be one of the best cafes in Perth...and probably one of the best butchers.

I have already blogged about the "Beaufort St Merchant". Every time I go there, it never dissapoints. Today was no exception...a large flat white, takeaway. Smooth, perfect temperature...lovely 'nutty' taste. Especially when you get the young bloke making it...he takes real care.

Then across the road to Elmars butchers for a hot cooked Bratwurst sausage....mmman....Those guys have been there forever, churning out quality meats and small goods. They have a little roaster which they sell lunchtime sausages, meats and sausage rolls from. The sausage rolls are the best you can buy....but today...the Bratwurst went down a treat!


  Mark (under construction)

8:28 pm

Mark - not relevant on this post BUT - I still owe you a can aof coke!!!! I was just wondering who are you going for this weekend?

  Mark (under construction)

8:30 pm

BTW - don't look like a treat to me??? Maybe - I had to be there.

Thinking of you mate - and the new venture.

  Mark Edwards

10:05 pm

who do you reckon?
double or nothing?

  Mark (under construction)

7:06 am

You bet - I'm hoping to come to Perth later this year, I will pay my debts.

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