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Ignite Community

Its nice meeting people online. Its like circling at a party, and finding you have stuff in common.
There is something about being a minister, a pastor, a spiritual leader of some sort. Its a bit like a war out there sometimes, you stick your head up, and someone is ready to shoot you down. Thats why its nice to 'meet' someone good humoured who is 'in the job' as well.

Andrew 'Roo' Patrick is a youth pastor out at Carey Baptist. SUCKED IN BIG TIME Andrew, you have to work with Steve Izett :) :) :)

Not really, Steve is a great guy, and is a real believer in empowering people to lead, so I am sure your creativity is allowed to flow freely.
Andrew has a great blog, check it out sometime.

The other thing about Andrew is that he is a Geelong Supporter. Oh dear. No wonder him and Gareth are mates, they both have the same sort of persecution complex that drives them to support teams which will always be "almost there". Unlike the mighty Dockers, who never leave you guessing and this year will go one step further.


  Andrew 'Roo' Patrick

6:44 am

I hope you freo supporters don't go thinking Tarrant is your Messiah. Down at Geelong however, with G Ablett Jnr (Son of God) His brother Nathan (does that make him James the brother of Jesus?) and the addition of T Hawkins and J Selwood, we will surprise a few in 07 i think. :-)

Thanks for the plug by the way.

  Gareth Williams

9:25 am

The only thing Freo keep you guessing at is when the bubble will burst!


10:44 am

Um and then there's this whole Essendon and Mal Michael thing going on.

I've been a Mal fan for a while, seeing him play up here at the GABBA, I'm happy to see him at the Bombers, dunno about how he got there though.

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