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Samsung Service is brilliant

On this blog I have bagged various organisations for bad or ordinary service.

Time for a great story.

Recently I bought a SAMSUNG copy/fax/printer for the church.

We have just transfered all our internet and phone stuff to AAPT who set up a duet line. This means we could keep our fax number, but have it on the same line, and get charged about 1/10th the price.

I suspected my new Samsung Fax would support this, so I rang their customer care guy. Not only did he help me, he rang me on my mobile so he could then ring my landline and set it up for me. I cant believe how

  • knowledgable he was
  • helpful he was
  • efficient he was
He cared about my problem, knew how to fix it, and did!!!!!
His name was Mark by the way,
well done SAMSUNG


  Gareth Williams

9:01 pm

I think it's good to show great service. Did you send a letter to his boss? That stuff always works well in corporations.

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