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Reading from the Psalms using my O2....

Watching my son at swimming lessons this morning I took the time to read Psalm 3 on my PDA using the New Living Translation. It has Matthew Henry's commentary on it as well.

So here I am, reading two texts, one from thousands of years ago, and one published in 1706.
It struck me, I wonder if David the Psalmist, and Matthew the Clergyman would ever have thought their work would be digested many years later, by someone with a mult-purpose electronic device, while relaxing by a pool?

Both texts spoke to me, about various things, and how blessed are we to have such insights available to us at the touch of a stylus!!

"Victory comes from you, O Lord. May you bless your people."


  Gareth Williams

6:09 pm

By the surprised look on Matthew's face, I doubt it!


9:33 pm

And then add a tagged Greek or Hebrew text - it's amazing... and makes you look really smart (or a show off, I haven't figured out which yet).


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