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Great day in church today.... God spoke to us through a common theme, Isaiah 9.6

Went and spent too much money at the shops....Christmas shopping.....then went and visited some close friends who have just had their first child....what an incredible blessing. I think there was probably times that they never thought it would happen for them...but it has. A beautiful daughter...what a blessing.

A couple of Little Creatures Ales later....and more than one salami and cheese snack...perfect afternoon.


  Glenn Globber

4:47 pm

It's amazing how a few ales can make things pretty perfect isn't it?

  Mark Edwards

4:56 pm

as long as they are brewed in Fremantle...its almost a certainty :)


7:46 pm

No way - BOAGS I think is the best in OZ, brewed in those cool Tasmanian climes.

Mark R

  Glenn Globber

1:56 pm

Actually there's another out of Tas I don't mind - the Cascade premium, oh yeah! Now I'm gettin a thirst! If Cascade or any other beer company like Carlton, Hahn, Coopers are watching this blog, I'll have a carton please, follow my link and I'll mention you're name in big writing!

  Mark Edwards

2:10 pm

Oih!!! If anyone is getting free beer, its me!!

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