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Bullard and his laptop power supply

In a move bound to make environmental experts all round the world nervous, Michael Bullard has finally rid himself of his old laptop including the laptop power supply.
I received this post from Michael, "BTS - the power supply of the laptop is now gone - 10 kg off my desk.The new one is much smaller, though not as small as many. "

One wonders how Michael managed to get the laptop battery off his desk, which surely must have had steel reinforcement under it. Did Barry let him bring a forklift into the office?

And what is the Stirling Council going to say about Michael dumping the laptop battery at the local tip? How is he going to sneak it past the guard?



1:08 pm

Who said it was taken to the tip?
Recycling brother!
It will be taken and re-used in an energy efficient way. We heard that the Collie power station was in need of a few new parts (government cutbacks etc.) so we sent it along to them,.

See link below for a pic of truck used to transport the device.

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