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Oh you ripper!

I said last week that Fremantle played the best I have ever seen them play.
This week they played very well, but perhaps the more interesting aspect of the game is how ordinary West Coast looked.

The Dockers are now installed as equal second favourites with the Adelaide Crows. That was unthinkable 7 weeks ago.

I had a great time, sat next to two friendly Eagles supporters, and apart from some argy bargy in the section next to mine, the crowd was good.

But hows the karaoke Eagle's song on the scoreboard?
And how is the innane SGIO Eagles chant?

The Eagles crowd was very quiet most of the day, but I suppose with that scoreline, its to be expected.


  Gareth Williams

9:09 am

I came home from a weekend away and switched the TV on to see the 3 quarter time scoreline and was stunned.
Well done, you're peaking at the right time.

Now how does that song of yours go?


11:23 am

It's easy to look good when you're the only team on the field playing footy. That was a shocking game. I mean, Freo did play well, credit where credit's due. But it wasn't even disappointing in the end, the game was so one sided.

Hopefully we can crunch the Dockers in the finals - but I'm not sure I'll be putting money on them.


11:34 am

great work there mark

i wish i was there... here's something you might be interested [and other docker fans] in listening to... georgie's derby talk;

cut-n-paste into your address-bar


11:37 am

for those west coast egos supporters, here's an offering :^)

  Mark Edwards

2:07 pm

Gareth Gareth Gareth,
Freo way to go!!

Alex, the Eagles were actually not playing that badly. I came home and watched the replay and it was the pressure put on by our defence and others that made them look ordinary.

Sandilands ate up and spat out the All Australian Ruckman, Dean Cox.

Thanks for those links Anon :)


3:30 pm

I felt so very, very happy. No wait...I still feel happy. Go the Dockers!

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