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Went to check my wallet yesterday and it felt light. Now my wallet never feels heavy from cash, I am a Pastor after all!
But friends often stir me up because they think I am a little like George Constanza in that my wallet is normally stuffed full of receipts, notes, cards etc etc.
However yesterday it felt light!
I checked it, rechecked, noooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!

My Fremantle Dockers Membership cards were gone, gone I say!!
After about two hours of checking the car, house and rubbish bin, and getting covered in egg shells and smelly nappies, I walked back into the house despondant. Checked the Freo website to see how much I was going to get slugged for new cards, about $90 for the three of them......

Then I remembered where I was on Monday morning, and where they might be....
After a sleepless night tossing and turning I rang Wesley Music store at 8.31 am.
Do you???? You do???? Thank you, I'll be there in 30 minutes.....

I will need my card when I buy tickets to Freo's second home final of all time, after we spank the Saints this week.



7:46 am

maybe the Lord was trying to tell you something. :) BTW you have to pray for the Saints everywhere!

Be encouraged!

  Mark Edwards

10:10 am

Could be John!
It certainly caused me to pray, make a great sermon illustration as well. :)

I'll pray that the St Kilda Saints will learn and grow through the pain they experience on Saturday :)


12:05 am

i was surprised to see how quickly the saints got on the bus unshowered/unchanged after the match... what a stinky bus that would have been

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